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Advanced Platform for Adding School Adverts and Listings

Why Add Your Listings with Us?

Adding listings is entirely free with us! You can add up to 15 Free listings.

We offer a cutting edge online platform for adding and managing various types of listings, each tailored to specific needs and displayed on a dedicated page.

Google Scores for Our Site
Integrated Dashboard with Location Services

Our system is fully integrated with Google services to ensure you can receive all relevant information from enquiries.

Our payment model is pay per enquiry. You will only be charged for any enquiries that you receive and chose to respond. The location of the organisation will be visible to you before you purchase an enquiry. Once you receive an enquiry for your listing, it's exclusively yours, meaning others can't buy it. However, if you reject it or do not purchase it within 72 hours, we may release it to other relevant providers. Currently, you can add the following types of listings:

  • School Workshops: (£3.00 per exclusive enquiry)
  • School Trips: (£4.00 per exclusive enquiry)

Listings Visibility

We are currently ranked at the top of Google for keywords related to certain school workshops and school trips. There is a great chance your listings will be seeing by many visitors.

Free Email Marketing

We launch weekly free email marketing campaigns for listings that feature on our site. Take a look at this example email marketing campaign here.

Seamless Searching

Your listing is automatically tailored for all devices, offering easy navigation for users. Additionally, we use an advanced filtering system, simplifying the process of finding your listing for teachers and schools. Click here to see one of our listing search pages.