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Space Workshop for Schools

Explore our solar system and universe

This workshop contains seven practicals and various hands-on experiments to learn about space and our planets. It also covers many curriculum-based topics such as gravity, forces and motion.


Primary: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins
(30 participants per session)
Secondary: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins
(20 participants per session)

Age Groups

Y3 - Y9

Explore All Our Planets

Discover the distinct features of each planet, from the heat of Mercury to the majestic rings of Saturn.


Measure Gravity Using the micro:bit

Through practical experimentation, students gain a deeper understanding of gravity and its impact on objects in the world around them.

Microbit Display

Conduct Space Experiments

  • Measure the temperature of the room
  • Measure the light level in the room
  • Test for water in a soil sample
Microbit Sensor Board

Create a Glowing Star Constellation

Learn how stars are formed and create the Hercules star constellation.

Glow Sticker Constellation

Day Itinerary*

Primary and Secondary

* The activities may vary on the day depending on the length of the sessions and the age and ability of the participants.


Please contact us to obtain a quote or request our price guide.


Available Regions

Anywhere in England
Anywhere in Northern Ireland
Anywhere in Scotland
Anywhere in Wales

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