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Secondary Maths Workshop for Schools

GCSE and Secondary Maths workshop for schools

The workshop developed by an Aerospace engineer following experience in supply maths tutoring in schools. A great deal of effort has gone to trial and test this maths workshop for schools. It is ideal for GCSE classroom revision. Students will learn curriculum-based maths through a mix of practicals and games. It is designed to engage those school students that lack motivation to learn maths and perfect for maths activity days at schools.

We also provide primary school maths workshops for all ages, which you can explore here.


Secondary: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins or
2 sessions x 2 hrs 30 mins or
1 sessions x 5 hrs
(20 participants per session)

Age Groups

Y7 - Y11

Maths in a Box

We have developed unique concepts to relate calculations to real-life. For example, we use real-world maps to carry out scaling and distance calculations combined with trigonometry. This is what makes our maths workshop stand out from the rest.

Maths in a Box Maths Workshop Content Maths in a Box Worksheets

Day Itinerary*

1.5hr version
Half-day version
Full Day version

* The activities may vary on the day depending on the length of the sessions and the age and ability of the participants.

Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Links


Please contact us to obtain a quote or request our price guide.


Vidura and his team were friendly and organised. They were very cooperative and tailored the workshops to suit our school setting. The team communicated all the information effectively and well in advance. The workshops reinforced the curriculum contents and were thoroughly enjoyed by our year 10 students.

Anjali Thomas, Baylis Court School


Event Days
International Day of Mathematics, Maths Awareness Month, National Numeracy Day, World Maths Day
Available Regions

Anywhere in England
Anywhere in Northern Ireland
Anywhere in Scotland
Anywhere in Wales

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