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Light Photo Frames Workshop for Schools

A personalised LED Photo Frame Workshop

A fun and creative light and electricity workshop where students get to Design & keep their own personalised LED photo frame.


Reception: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins
(20 participants per session)
Primary: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins
(30 participants per session)
Secondary/Higher: 4 sessions x 1 hr 15 mins
(20 participants per session)

Age Groups

EYFS - Y13, Reception, Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Learn the Fundamentals of Circuits

Explore current flow, resistance, and voltage in LED light strips, bridging theory with practical skills to create captivating displays.

Battery Connected to Light Photos

Create and Design

Utilise your artistic skills and techniques (textures, shading, colourful, monochromatic) to craft stunning LED light displays.

Artistic Light Photos

Day Itinerary*

Primary, Secondary and Higher

* The activities may vary on the day depending on the length of the sessions and the age and ability of the participants.


Please contact us to obtain a quote or request our price guide.


Available Regions

Anywhere in England
Anywhere in Northern Ireland
Anywhere in Scotland
Anywhere in Wales

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