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Early Years (EYFS) School Workshops

Incredible activity-packed workshop for EYFS and reception

Explore the world of science, art, and technology with us at our special workshop for young kids! See a cool tornado demo, make art, learn about stars and space, and play with mini robots. It's for kids 4 and up, and it's all about having fun while learning new things. Come and join us for a day of adventure and discovery.


Reception: 4 sessions x 1 hr
(15 participants per session)

Age Groups

EYFS - Y1, Reception

Explore Our Planets and Take Home a Star Constellation

We'll explore Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. After our cosmic adventure, children will create their very own glowing star constellation to take home and shine bright in their rooms.

Our Planets Glow Sticker Start Constellation

Tornado Demonstration

Children will be amazed by our water tornadoes/whirlpools, all powered by a motor and magnets! They will have a blast watching the water dance and swirl, discovering the magic of science in a super fun way.

Water tornado/whirlpool

Mini Robot Demo

We have also got a cool surprise for the children —a mini robot show! They'll get to see a mini gesture-controlled robot in action driven remotely.

Children playing with robots

Day Itinerary*


* The activities may vary on the day depending on the length of the sessions and the age and ability of the participants.


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"Thank you so much for your visit this week, children loved it and have not stopped talking about it".

Staff Member, Sacred Heart Primary School
Available Regions

Anywhere in England
Anywhere in Northern Ireland
Anywhere in Scotland
Anywhere in Wales

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