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Mental Strength and Stress Management

10 Tips for managing your well-being for students

I was invited to the University of Groningen in the Netherlands last year to deliver a speech to students on how I managed my depression in teenage and developed mental strength to become successful. I have been passionately speaking publicly about mental health, but I was pretty excited to receive an invite from a university abroad. In this blog post, I'm going to discuss some of the tips I shared with students about stress management, developing mental strength and managing mental health issues.

Keep Your Body and Mind Fit with Exercise

Physical activity can lead to chemical changes in the brain, this can in-turn put us on a brighter mood. It also helps bring about a greater self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to face challenges. A healthy diet and a good sleeping pattern can also help your mind and body.


Remember Compliments

Use compliments people give you to provide mental support. I was once told after an interview that, I would be successful in anything that I wished to do in life. I keep that compliment in the back of my mind whenever I try something new. If someone else can see good qualities in you, then you should be able to see that in yourself.

Prioritise and Get Things Done Early

Make a list of tasks you need to complete starting with the most important ones first. Breakdown big projects to manageable chunks. At university and school begin doing your coursework and assignments early, don't let them pile up; if you do this once you will see the benefit of it, and probably do it again. I did my coursework well before the due date by dedicating a few hours each week to the big projects. During my final years, I remember students running around on deadline day rushing to get their work done, while I sat there in comfort.

Make Decisions with a Sound Mind

It can be difficult to think rationally when we are feeling elevated or depressed. Delay making any crucial decisions until your mind is at a steady-state. For example, if you wake up feeling energetic you may decide to take on a lot of work, but as the day goes on the extra work may wear you down. Moreover, consult your friends, family or professionals before making any big decisions.

Take a Break

We all need a rest to recharge our batteries. Once you finish working on a big project or a goal take some time out to relax.

Stick to Your Boundaries and Limits

Stand by any boundaries that you set for yourself. For example, if you decided you are no longer going to eat sugary food more than once a day, then stick to it. Think about the consequences of breaking that boundary to stop you from crossing over the line.


It can be difficult to face reality sometimes when we are let down or disappointed, but ultimately we need to confront the situation. Learn to accept in life that, what you expect to happen is not real and what happens is real. The first step to moving forward is accepting the situation you are faced with.

Keep Yourself Busy

Keep yourself busy with some activities or hobbies to distract your mind from burdens. This is especially helpful in situations when you cannot control what's going on around you. It will give your mind a break, and it can be as simple as going for a walk.

Everything Changes

Remember in life everything changes, so if you get stuck in a bad moment things will eventually pass, and your circumstances will change with time.

You Are on a Journey

Obstacles and failures are part of your story and journey. If things don't work out, take some time out to clear your head, dust yourself down and then start again.

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I deliver motivational speeches covering mental strength and stress management to educational institutions. You can check them here.

Vidura Fonseka

Vidura Fonseka

Engineer and Dancer

A qualified engineer with experience at Rolls-Royce. Professionally trained dancer in Popping, Bboying (Break-Dancing and Zouk).